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News and Announcements Edit

Discord Group:


(Link to all of our mods are on our website)

Server Rules Edit

General Guidelines Edit

-We Expect a Mature Attitude from players, it helps to keep everyone happy and having fun

-Be respectful


-Keep Map Location and alignment on

-Do not PvP Log (don't log off if you are fighting a player)

-No griefing

-No cheating in any way shape or form


-Utumno is BANNED due to lag - Sorry

-Enchanting is allowed on this server, but not in PVP you may use it on tools and for PvE

-Please speak English in the main chat

-No tp killing

-Do not kill new players for the sake of it

-No claiming or building near public waypoints unless you have permission from staff

-Do not place a custom FT point within 500 blocks from a players build without their permission

-Do not try and Circumvent the banner protection by building up and over or digging under, it is Griefing

Alliances Edit

-only faction leaders, and faction heirs are allowed to make alliances.

-You may create alliances with any faction, and if you do you are able to come to that faction's aid during wars.

City RequirementsEdit

-Royal building (depends on faction) x1

-Shops/Market x5

-House (has to be 6x7 minimum walk space) x8



-Food source (Farm, River for fish or larger trade system).

-Barracks with 20 beds

-Training area


Staff: Edit

Founder: JStorm

Owner: 589lucas

Administrator: RelaxNow

Builder: ItzCal

Helper: Conweh

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