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Info Edit

Welcome visitor to the official wiki page of Fellowships of Middle-Earth!

This server is mainly about playing together, we strive to have epic battles, event and role-play situations together! When you enter Middle-Earth for the first time you are asked to choose a side (good or evil) and then select a faction. When you have selected a faction your adventure will begin! You can choose to just gather some stuff and make a place to live somewhere in your faction's territory, or you can join or create a fellowship.

A Fellowship is a group within a faction. For example if you have joined Gondor you can make the Fellowship of Minas Tirith. The base of that faction will obviously be somewhere around the waypoint of Minas Tirith and in the chat it will show that you are part of that Fellowship. If you create a Fellowship you pick a waypoint in your faction's territory and that will be your main base. You can expand to more waypoints later. (For more about this read the Paragraph named Fellowship battles.)

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Servermenu Edit

For your convenience we have made an in-game menu, you can access it by typing /servermenu or /sm

It can be used, to see help, the rules, reset your faction, open the fellowships menu, start quests, tutorials, teleport to pvp, teleport to the market and at is also used for events and you can use it to quick teleport to spawn.



PvP: At the moment we have one arena where players can PvP but we are working on more arena's. Right now players have to bring their own gear but if we see players would rather like kit-PvP we might add that to the server!

Market: This is a special and unique concept for lotr-servers. We have a market where players can hire a shop, the shops are fully customizable and players can edit them however they want! You can use your shop to sell items but you can also ask for items. For the market we use a digital currency, $1 = 1 silver coin. At the market you can convert your silver coins to digital money or the other way around.

Quests: If you get bored there is always something entertaining for you in this server! In the servermenu you can start a quest. There are three kinds of quests: Good Quests (for Good players), Evil Quests (for Evil players) and Special Quests (For both evil and good players).

In-game you can start the tutorial quest, it will teach you the basics of quests. These quests are custom made and our staff is always working on new ones. Sometimes you might have to travel really far or fight alot of mobs. But in the end it's worth all the fighting because there are big rewards waiting for you if finish them.

Fellowships Edit

Joining a fellowship If you want to join a fellowship the leader can invite you and give you a custom tag which will show that you are part of that fellowship. You can choose whatever tag you want as long as it contains the name of the fellowship and it is a realistic title. (If you have no idea for a nice title you can look one up in the title list in the mod menu)

We only use custom roles in this server. So you wont see someone called Lord Elrond, the Dark Lord Sauron, etc. If you want a role you can create or join a fellowship.

If you are member of a fellowship your leader is allowed to add you to the list on the wiki, please do this to keep the list updated.

Creating a fellowship Edit

If you want to create a fellowship you can apply at spawn. Don't keep spamming staff if you can create a fellowship. At spawn you can get a book & quill to write down the following things:

  • Your playername
  • Why you should be leader
  • From which faction your fellowship will be a part and how your fellowship should be named.
  • How your tag would be: Leader/Chieftain/Warlord etc. (Tags like King aren't allowed since they suggest you own the whole faction.)
  • At which waypoint (see Fellowships Map) you want to start your fellowship. (if all waypoints of your faction are claimed you should talk with the leader of those waypoints to see if he is willing to give one to you.)


  • At least 500 alignment with your faction
  • Atleast one player who wants to join your fellowship. You can't start a fellowship on your own.

Staff will look at the applies daily and we will handle them as soon as possible. The leadership rank comes with certain permissions, this is why we look very thoroughly to the players who are applying.

Warning: If the leader of a fellowship is inactive for 2 weeks, he will automatically lose leadership! (Joining once in a week for 30 minutes will still count as inactivity.)

Fellowship Territories and Battles Edit

Each fellowship starts with one waypoint, after a while their main base is done and the would want to expand. They can do this by claiming or conquering new waypoints.

*Map coming soon!*

Claiming inside your faction's biome Edit

To claim a new waypoint the fellowship must build a well sized keep or town in the region they wish to claim. The new territory has to be connected to the territory of the fellowship. So you can only expand your existing territory. Not create new territories.

Once the base is done you can send the coords to staff. (in-game, discord or skype.) They will judge if it is enough to protect the waypoint. If it is enough the fellowship map will be updated and you can start building a new fortress on the next claimable waypoint.

Claiming outside your faction's biome Edit

You can also claim waypoints outside your factions biome. If there already is a base you can attack it in an admin-supervised battle. If there is no base the fellowship of that biome have the protect the waypoint in an admin-supervised battle.

Battles Edit

Fellowships are able to fight other fellowships. In order to do this you have to ask a staff member (moderator/admin/developer) to organise a battle. A battle is only possible if both factions want to fight and have atleast two players online, and the number of players in each team have to be equal. (If the defending fellowship only has four players participating in the battle you can only attack with four people.)

The use of hired units is allowed in war, but there is a limit. Each player can have max. 25 units. We do this to prevent huge lag spikes, the more units there are in the battle the harder the server will lag. We do everything to prevent lag but sometimes it's inevitable.

The attacking fellowship(s) needs to have a small base atleast 500 blocks away from the waypoint they are going to attack. To enter a city/base you can build a ram which has to be approved by the supervising admin or you can climb the walls using ladders. You aren't allowed to break blocks or use explosives. The ram has to has to look realistic and if the admin approves it explosives will be allowed.

As long as the attackers haven't entered the city/fortress you can die and teleport back to the battle by using the servermenu. This also counts for defenders, as long as no attacker has entered the building the defenders can teleport back when they die. But as soon as the attackers have entered the building everybody can only die once. If everyone died from one team the other team will win. The winning team will be rewarded with 5 fellowship-points for all the fellowships which participated in the winning team and each player will get 500 silver coins, 32 iron, 32 gold and +200 alignment for their faction. The losing team will get a compensation of 32 silvercoins and +50 alignment for their faction, and the losing fellowship(s) will get 1 point for participating in a battle.

Battle-History Edit

Date Attacking fellowship(s) Defending fellowship(s) Winning fellowship(s)

List of all Fellowships Edit

Name of the fellowship Faction Owner Waypoint of their base Points
Race: Men
Northern Wolves Dunland Ramdieman / ~Mandor Northern Dunland -
Rhûdel Traders Easterlings JulianIced / ~Aslan West of the Pass of Rhûdel -
Taragal Easterlings Vaquinix_ / ~Serikhan Taragal -
House Horten Gondor Skeilsman / ~Eldacar Crossings of Poros -
Men of the Blackroot Vale Gondor Tojo_Pearlharbor / ~Melinhir Erich -
Southrons Haradrim Veliks / ~Addrad East of Ajtiaz al-Harad in the Near Harad Fertile -
The Remnant of Arnor Rangers godisnoah / ~Anarion Border of Eriador and the Blue Mountains -
Hornburg Rohan ? Helms Deep -
Race: Elves
Mithlond High-Elves Aggelos002 / ~Echtelion Mithlond -
Race: Dwarves
Firebeards Blue Mountain Dwarves oliver3346 North of Mount Rerir -
Grey Dwarves Durins folk Masterbean234 / ~Baraz Dain's Halls
Eastern Dwarves Durins folk Catastelistu_MC / ~Arawn East Peak
Race: Orcs
Carn Dûm Angmar Spectaculous / ~Avanumor Carn Dûm -
Race: Uruks
Fighting Uruk-Hai Uruk-Hai _Devil Uruk-Highlands -
The White Hand Uruk-Hai GhostsNStuff / ~Draugur Kala Draugûr -

Events Edit

Our goal is to have an event each saturday, mostly around 8 PM (GMT + 1). Most events will be part of a storyline but we also have ideas for treasure hunts, boss fights and a lot more!

Storyline events are supervised storylines by admins, different storylines will come out of events that will take place weekly each time adding more and more to the storyline. These events have special rewards and are a chance for people to do some Roleplay.

Events will mostly be held up by lore standards, not creating far out custom lore scenarios but rather trying to keep it as lore friendly as possible. Sometimes there will be battles between good and evil creating a different storyline depending on who wins. It might change the overall result, meaning the players have a active hand in changing events as a way to scry away from good guys always winning and admin biased events.

Scheduled Events Edit

Name Date &


Info Rewards Conditions

Rules Edit

To maintain order in this server we do need some rules. Please stick to these!

  • Do not grief and destroy other players houses/buildings, even if you repair it afterwards you will be punished.
  • You are allowed to argue with staff and ask questions about things you don't like but remember that staff has the final word and they are allowed to ban/kick/mute you if you go too far.
  • You can be muted for misbehaving in chat or for the use of bad words, keep in mind that there also are younger players who play this game.
  • You are not allowed to hide your map position
  • Mithril equipment is allowed for everyone but if your fellowship goes to battle with another fellowship all members participating in the battle have to wear equipment of their corresponding faction.
  • Utumno is blocked; We might go there with an event but no player will get his/her hands on the balrog whip as it is too powerful for normal players too handle.
  • If you are member of an evil faction you can't be neutral with good factions, even if your alignment says so. (this also works the other way around)
  • You can loot mod-structures but don't ruin them, keep the world nice and tidy. (no half flying strucures or ugly demolished villages.)
  • You can choose your own nickname but only normal Middle-Earth names are allowed. Important names which are mentioned in the books or movies aren't allowed.
  • Don't ask staff if you can become builder, moderator or admin. If we need more staff we will ask you, not the other way around. We want motivated people who want to help to make the server better and not people who just want more power.
  • You are allowed to kill other players, unless they are in their own territory (territory from their faction) or on the same side as you (good/evil). If someone attacks you while he/she is in his/her own territory you are allowed to defend yourself. If you die in enemy territory you are not allowed to teleport back for the next 30 minutes!
  • If a fellowship wants to fight with another fellowship, ask a staff member to organise a battle. (For more about this read the Paragraph named Fellowship battles.)

Staff Edit

Playername Rank Role
Veliks Developer Warlord of the Southrons ~Addrad
Julianiced Admin Rhûdel Trader ~Aslan
Tojo_Pearlharbor Admin Lord of The Blackroot ~Melinhir
Tojo pearlharbor
xeyed Moderator Assassin of the Southrons ~xeyed
Spectaculous Trial-Moderator Marshal Of The Riddermark ~Eodred
Aggelos002 Builder High Lord Of Mithlond ~Echtelion

Ban Appeals Edit

If you are banned there is a chance that you might get unbanned. To get unbanned you need to send a ban appeal, you place it in the comments of this page.

Your ban appeal should contain:

  • Your playername
  • Why you were banned and do you think it is fair?
  • By which admin
  • Why should we unban you?

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